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Bodily Injury & Insurance Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

Victor Strauss Law understands that accidents and unfortunate situations can turn your life upside down. When you find yourself in need of legal representation for bodily injury and insurance claims, it can be a daunting and overwhelming experience.

Attorney Strauss is passionate about helping individuals seek justice and fair compensation after going through such challenging circumstances. His knowledge lies in a wide range of legal areas, and he has successfully represented numerous clients in a wide range of cases, including civil litigation, automobile collisions, premises liability, and more.

Legal Matters Victor Strauss Law Handles

  • Civil Litigation

  • Bodily Injury

  • Automobile Collisions

  • Product Liability

  • Driving While Intoxicated / DUI

  • Criminal Charges

  • Premises Liability (Slip and Fall cases)

  • Worker’s Compensation

  • Fraud

  • Insurance Claims

  • Wrongful Death

  • Traffic Violations

If you're looking for legal assistance for any of the above matters, your search stops here. Contact Victor Strauss Law in St. Louis, Missouri, to set up a free consultation with a trusted advocate. Attorney Strauss works with clients throughout Jefferson, St. Louis County, and the surrounding areas.

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When it comes to legal representation, experience matters. No one rushes into necessary litigation in any circumstance, but sometimes one needs a lawyer to present their case in court. Especially after an unfortunate situation or accident occurs, it's imperative for your own health and peace of mind to recover the losses you've suffered.

Experienced Personal Injury & Insurance Law Representation

Whether you're dealing with medical expenses, lost wages, or emotional distress, Attorney Victor Strauss will work tirelessly to help you secure the compensation you are entitled to. He approaches each case with dedication and a personalized approach, recognizing that every situation is unique. Leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge, Attorney Strauss strives to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, providing them with the resources and support they need throughout their bodily injury claims, insurance lawsuit, or any other civil litigation matter.

To arrange a consultation and discuss your case, you can reach Victor Strauss via email at or simply fill out the form below. Take the first step towards seeking justice and let him be your legal ally throughout this journey.

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