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Types Of Evidence Collected And Preserved By Your Car Accident Claim Lawyer

Victor Strauss Law LLC Sept. 17, 2021

You will want to seek compensation for your sufferings (damages to your car and personal physical injury) if you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by another person’s negligence. However, as a plaintiff, the burden of evidence in a car accident claim falls right away on you. You will have to prove each element of negligence beyond a rational skepticism to the judge to seek compensation for damages.

You must be in the position of showing that the at-fault party’s negligence was the cause of your injury and not any underlying condition. Who would help you in curating the evidence to make your claim strong in the eyes of the law? A car accident claim lawyer from Victor Strauss, Attorney at Law, would help you in such a case by accumulating different types of evidence necessary to fulfill your burden of proof in a car accident claim from the accident scene. Read on to know what kind of evidence we’ll collect on your behalf.

Types of Evidence Your Car Accident Claim Lawyer Collects, Maintains, and Preserves Following a Car Accident:

Photographs & Videos/ Surveillance Footage

Pictures and videos of the accident scene are possibly the most crucial proof for car accident claims by default. Photos and videos will help your lawyer paint a vivid picture of different aspects of the collision, including:

  • How the accident happened

  • Who was at fault

  • The road conditions

  • Vehicles involved

  • Where vehicles stopped after clash

It is not always possible for you to immediately click pictures after the accident. Your lawyer will get photos and videos collected from the CCTV cameras on the road or with the help of eyewitnesses who clicked pictures of vehicle damage, your injuries, road conditions, and nearby traffic signs.

Medical Records and Income Records

Suppose you forgot to keep your medical bills handy or were unable to keep them safe. In that case, your car accident lawyer will make sure to get a copy of the medical bills from the hospital. Plaintiff’s medical records are substantial evidence in acquiring a car accident claim. In case of a car accident, you must call your insurance company and your attorney as they can best guide you in the situation so that you don’t miss out on any privilege that you could have got.

Whether you got visible injuries or not, it is recommended to obtain medical attention immediately following the occurrence. Gathering medical bills from each healthcare provider & medicine receipts will help justify your settlement application and verify your losses by confirming the extent of your injuries and the resulting medical expenses. Income records show the impact of missed payments due to debilitating injuries. Income records along with medical records allow an attorney to determine a fair settlement for an accident victim’s injuries.

Vehicle Debris and Wreckage

Inspecting vehicle wreckage can be a perfect way to establish multiple facts before the judge, like the speed of the approaching vehicle(s) and the position & direction from which your car was hit. Additional debris such as brake lines & shredded tires may further prove whether the car manufacturer is to blame. If you can’t do this on your own, your car accident claim lawyer will establish all these facts and assess them before negotiating.

Eyewitness and Driver Statements

Statements by eyewitnesses are among the most dependable types of evidence when it comes to a car accident claim case. Just like pictures and videos, witnesses help illuminate who was really at fault. Witnesses can be either passengers or other drivers who witnessed the accident. They can present helpful details regarding what happened before and after, thus scattering some enlightenment on how the other driver is to blame. Your attorney will collect all witnesses’ names and contact information and contact them at a later date at the time of filing a lawsuit.

Evidence of Damages

In most vehicle accident cases, a large portion of recovery is associated with compensation for vehicle damage. The car accident lawyer will keep a note of documents related to car repairs and car rentals. This will include documentation of physical injuries caused to the plaintiff after the accident as well as any recent repairs or improvements made to the vehicle shortly before the collision. This will consist of documentation of physical injuries caused to the plaintiff after the accident as well as any recent repairs or improvements made to the vehicle shortly before the collision.

If you have recently got some upgrades, you will be able to increase the value assigned to your car if you have proof for the same. The attorney at Victor Strauss, Attorney at Law, will help you gather this information and get accompanying receipts.


In case of a car accident, the driver must gather all the necessary evidence to get the maximum benefit. If you are unable to gather information, you must call your car accident attorney to gather evidence on your behalf. Remember, the more evidence you have, the more you can claim.