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Tips To Consider While Hiring The Best Workers Compensation Lawyers

Victor Strauss Law LLC May 25, 2021

Accidents are bound to happen at a construction site. This is something workers have no control over whatsoever. However, in a case of a workplace accident, you can benefit from workers’ compensation lawyers. No matter how convincing and easy they may sound, every compensation lawyer is different. Also, not every single case is the same. 

We are addressing that there’s a wide range of workplace injuries since so many industries are involved in the venture. All we are saying is that you’ve got the hiring lawyer who is well aware of your needs and the case in general. 

What Does A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do?

Honestly, their job isn’t that complicated as it seems to be. It is rather straightforward. To put it in simple words, compensation lawyers/attorneys make sure that the workers who are hurt on the job receive a number of benefits. However, those benefits depend on the injury and can include:

  • Medical benefits

  • Wage reimbursement benefits 

  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits 

  • Temporary partial disability benefits 

  • Permanent total disability benefits 

  • Permanent partial disability benefits

Now that you know what kind of benefits a worker can expect, it’s time for us to enlist the duties an attorney is entitled to do.

  • Perform legal research 

  • Remain current with developments in the law

  • Draft pleadings, findings of fact, briefs, opinions, and other legal documents. 

  • Take depositions of the claimant, medical experts, and physicians. 

  • Gather medical evidence and records 

  • Litigate cases a judge 

  • Conduct discovery

Here in this post, we’ll be discussing some aspects that you should keep in mind if you are looking for a “workers comp law firm near me.”

  • Check online what the firm’s previous clients have to say about its services. Other than that, ask your friends, coworkers, and family members for recommendations. 

  • Hire an attorney who is well aware of your case or has dealt with something similar in the past. Choose a lawyer who has an understanding of the industry you work in. 

  • Request a free consultation with the lawyer who you think could be a major asset in your case. A consultation beforehand can make a real difference in the case. 

  • Before you go ahead with your decision, ask the lawyer how much they are going to charge for their services. If an attorney is not able to negotiate a settlement or lose in court, there are chances he’ll not charge you.  

Duties a Claimant Attorney Is Entitled To Pull Off

The workers’ compensation attorney on the claimant side will be asked to:

  • Answer all the questions put up by the client and guide them through the abyss

  • Contact the medical professionals and complete all the possible paperwork related to the claim.

  • Represent the interests of the claimant at trials, hearings, and mediations. 

  • Communicate with the worker’s supervisors on the injured worker’s status. 

In the End 

Now that you know what exactly goes down in hiring workers’ compensation lawyers be sure to contact us at Victor Strauss Attorney At Law for further assistance. Our team of highly experienced individuals would be more than happy to help you out.