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Premises Liability Lawyer: Everything About Premises Liability Lawyer

Victor Strauss Law LLC June 22, 2021

A slip and fall accident is so common that it can happen to anybody; it basically occurs when someone slips, falls, or trips over a hazard on a piece of land. A premises liability lawyer handles all the slip and fall cases known as premises liability cases. So if you have been injured in a personal accident on someone else’s property(commercial or private): you should call our attorney Victor Strauss, Attorney At Law. We will help you with collecting the witness and getting money for your hospital expenses. If we talk about the legal perspective, then these personal injuries are categorized into various categories. It depends whether you got injured by your own mistake or someone else’s. Let’s continue reading this post and know more about the slip and fall lawyers, their role, and their benefits regarding a personal injury.  

Common Scenarios That Cause Slip And Fall:

The most common reason behind a personal injury is a substance either placed or allowed to remain on the ground; it can be anything, a making peel or a piece of polythene. Many physical defects create a danger dangerous situation too. For example, you have to stay aware of the raised sidewalk or a stair that is too high.  

Types of liability

  • Negligence: The scenario where a property owner has neglected to notice or remove a potential future problem such as raised sidewalks, broken tiles, and uneven surfaces is known as negligence.

  • Carelessness: The scenario where the liable party caused the problem is known as carelessness.

Worker’s Compensation law

You might not know, but a worker’s compensation law helps you cover all of your expenses. For example, if a slip and fall case has happened in a workplace, you will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. According to this law, you can claim against the property owner or the company’s employer.

Role of The Lawyer

An attorney may help you in numerous ways; first, he will ensure whether the case is strong enough to move to full litigation. Every lawyer studies the conditions that caused the accident or situation you are going through and then take further steps. An attorney can also determine whether the case is naturally or artificially created. That is why it is essential to search for compensation lawyers near me and tackle all future problems. 

Benefits of A Slip and Fall Lawyer

It does not matter whether you slipped and fell on a wet floor or broke your leg because of an uneven walkway; you have every right to ask for compensation. An experienced lawyer may help you to get what you deserve. In addition, he can hold the property owner accountable for your loss. 


As I was talking above, slip and fall cases are so common that they can happen with anybody, but it is not always your fault. If you feel that you get injured because of someone else’s fault, then you should consider a premises liability lawyer right away. An experienced lawyer will help you in numerous ways.

For more information, contact Victor Strauss, Attorney At Law.